Why I love this Monday

- I had the oppertunity to use my red boots.
- It's a new week, with new chances and oppertunities.
- I woke up early in the morning, and I got a lot out of my day.
- It wasn'tthat hard lessons at school.
- I met my friends and laughed a lot.
- It's not Sunday, and I'm done with the "tomorrow-it's-Monday-feeling".
- I take song- and guitarlessons in the evening.
- I will probably fall asleep quickly, because right now - I'm SO tired!

Why do you love this Monday?

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03.10.2011 kl.23:02

takk for at du la meg til som venn, likte bloggen din:) hihi

Thea Paulsrud

07.10.2011 kl.18:10


S bra - du har en utrolig fin blogg! :)

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